T trees - a new design for life

As featured in the February 2015 issue of Majesty magazine:
"After much painstaking work Andrew Tatham has devised a remarkable new family history design"
Also featured in the July 2015 issue of Family Tree magazine
Chart showing Prince George of Cambridge, his ancestors and their place in history - low resolution version

This is a low resolution image of a 6 feet x 3 feet (approx 2 metres x 1 metre) chart that shows Prince George of Cambridge, his ancestors and their place in history drawn according to my new family tree design. In order to get the most out of it, you need to read the explanatory text from the chart which is in the chart handbook (to view the PDF properly, right-click on the link, save the file and then open it in Acrobat Reader).

The chart itself is best viewed printed in its entirety (the image above is a very low resolution version)- and when people see the whole chart printed out the universal response is WOW!. I have found a printer who has done a really good job on high quality 180gsm matt paper that gives it the weight and feel of an ancient scroll, and each chart in packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube.

TO BUY THE CHART you need to select which location it is to be posted to:
Postal Locations
For those who can't afford to buy a chart, I am making a non-printable high resolution PDF available for download (again, to view the PDF properly, right-click on the link, save the file (it'll take a while as it's a 16 MB file) and then open it in Acrobat Reader and zoom and scroll about to see everything). It was a lot of work to do and if you feel so moved I'd be grateful for a contribution so I can keep doing work like this:

If you have any comments or queries, please email me (andrew@ttrees.co.uk) - I'd love to hear from you.

To give you a taste of what you will see, here are some samples of the text and pictures:

Introduction: The golden design in the middle of this chart has Prince George of Cambridge at the top pictured as the new shoot of a tree, born in the present year as I write this, 2013 AD. Below him are his roots going down through over 200 years of history. These roots depict the people who created him. In all there are 133 couples of ancestors shown, each couple being a man and a woman born in particular locations on Earth who through a mix of their particular circumstances and personal choices found each other, loved each other and produced new life. The rest of this chart gives historical context to all these lives, showing the reigns of British Kings & Queens, the life spans and terms in office of UK Prime Ministers and US Presidents, some of the times when the world has been blighted by wars, a selection of famous faces, and the development of powered flight from the Wright brothers to the International Space Station.

Here you can see Prince George and his parents - the codes on his parents' lines relate to their occupations:

Prince George and his parents

And here is a section from around 1890 up to about 1960 that shows the entirety of the life of Prince George's great-great-grandfather King George VI:

King George VI's life in context

And finally a section from the right of the chart with some of the famous lives in the 1800s:

1800s - famous lives

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